The only service on the market monitoring campaigns
on Android Apps, Mobile Web, Popups and Redirects
For both - WIFI and Carrier traffic

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AdPlexity Features

70 Countries

See campaigns from over 70 countries, covering every major country and many "lower-competition" countries.

120 Carriers

Uncover hidden campaigns that are running exclusively on mobile carrier traffic from all around the world

100 Affiliate Networks

Find ads promoting affiliate offers from 100 affiliate networks with a single click

Landing Page Download

Every landing page can be downloaded straight off our user interface (with full page dependencies - images, javascript, ..)

5 Devices

See campaigns targeting all popular devices including Windows PC, Mac, iPhone and Android Phones

Banner ads

See what ads are running on thousands of adult websites we monitor

Popups & Redirects

To give you a full birds eye view on adult advertising we also track campaigns running on popunder ads

Ultra Fast Search

Results returned within fraction of a second - Search by keyword, advertiser, publisher, affiliate network & more

AdPlexity Adult let's you search and filter by:


Advertiser URL


Affiliate Network



Traffic Source


Discover profitable campaigns, trends, top publishers
and networks. All within fingers reach.

User Testimonials
  • kokofai

    How the hell did you guys and the team behind it are able to build such a powerful tool? And now it even has carrier/3G monitoring. Thanks guys, I see a lot of my landers there now!
    ** Officially declaring a war with STM **
    Anyway, Kudos on making this. If I were to describe this is 2 words... it is a GAME CHANGER because those who have been hitting hard on carrier traffic (ahhem...) is going to have a real issue now.


    the tool is quite good. there are still plenty of my own landers not in there but but it's the best tool I have tested so far.


    i got one of the free accounts. thx kinghustler! and guys... i want to congratulate to a great job!!! there are already many monitoring tools on the market. but adplexity is different in many ways, and better in the most. the front end is super clean and fast. carriers... it works! and they have a massive amount of carriers and a fair amount of carrier data. the inventory with pops and in-app banners will be completed with mobile web banners soon. i would not be wondering if this becomes a standard tool for mobile affiliates and companies.


    I got one of the free accounts and I have to say this tool is great. Easy to use with a lot of information. I all ready have some profitable campaigns with the help of it after only a couple weeks.

  • goldenjo

    Hey guys,
    I was one of the lucky 10's who got access to the tool a couple weeks ago and I absolutely LOVE IT!
    Love the fact that you can monitor on both Pop and Banners within the same platform and for a single price. This is most likely the best monitoring tool i've ever tried.
    Thanks again kinghustler!


    Very good mobile monitoring tools, easy to use , very fast ! This is the best I've used the monitoring tools.


    I can also say monitoring tool is very easy to use and once you get use to things you can dig down pretty far. The support is also quick. The data can be over whelming just need to focus on 1 thing at a time.


    After a few days of use, I gotta say this is well worth the money.
    I've used a number of monitoring tools over the past few years, this has to be one of my favorites. The carrier targeting is obviously a main selling point, but beyond that, its a great all around tool that anyone serious about affiliate marketing should definitely try out.

  • yohn1985

    so I finally signed up and i have to say that it is absolutely SICK!!. It is definitely a game changer, the interface is clean and very fast. It has tons of options to chose from that are not available in any other tool I have seen before, does banners and pops, even affiliate network.. bottom line I highly recommend.


    My quick review:
    Like most people said, it's a sick tool. What I personally like is how there are some really useful features being added every other day, and they are implemented very quickly and seemlessly.
    Big thumbs up from me!


    Signed up for AdPlexity. This tool is awesome. Looking forward for new features :-)


    Hey everyone,
    After going through all the monitoring tools available for mobile display and pops, I can say AdPlexity is hands down the best. It's the only tool that I haven't quit using after 1 week.
    Great job!

  • jfazzolari

    If you want a mobile monitoring tool, look no further. I recently signed up and am very impressed with this service. Highly recommend!


    Wow, if all software developers were this reponsive to their customers, the world would be a truly amazing place.


    I have been running exclusively mobile for the past 3 years. Between the highs and lows have managed to do on $x,xxx,xxx / year in revenue.
    During this time I've used pretty much every monitoring tool out there , from WRW to the newer ones like MobileAdScout etc. Just a few days ago I got access to AdPlexity.
    To say that I was impressed is an understatement. This tool is hands down superior to anything out there.


    I like the tool and all the amazing existing and upcoming features.
    Everyone wants them and everyone loves them.
    These tools will be just better and better from now.


What Ad Networks Does AdPlexity Support?

★ Banners (TrafficJunky, ExoClick, EroAdvertising, JuicyAds, TrafficFactory, Reporo, AdExpansion, ...)
★ Popunders (Exoclick, EroAdvertising, Plugrush)

How can I benefit from using AdPlexity?

With adult advertising being one of the fastest evolving industries, it is nearly impossible to keep track of latest trends without any sort of competitive intelligence. With AdPlexity you get a full insight on what is working for your competitors and by leveraging that information in own campaigns will save you time and money.

Can you really monitor carrier campaigns or is it just a gimmick?

Yes, we are the real deal! We are proud to have strongest infrastructure on the market which allows us to monitor campaigns from over 120 carriers. We do not use methods like "header IP spoofing".

Why is AdPlexity better than the competition?

★ The most advanced but easy to use interface which will help you find successful campaigns faster than ever before
★ Only service that shows you what ads run on carrier traffic.
★ Most in-depth data and filtering options about individual campaign
★ Largest amount of data collected.

How accurate is AdPlexity?

Let's just say that when you will see the exact ads you have been running, you will wish it wasn't as accurate :) Jokes apart, our unique technology allows us to see the exact ads shown in hundreds on placements on both wifi and carrier traffic. Not mentioning that all our data is in real time.

Do you have a trial?

Sorry, we do not offer any trial periods at the moment. However you can sign up, and if you think it isn't for you, you can request a refund within the first 24 hours.

Fixed Monthly Price, no hidden fees

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per User / Month

AdPlexity Subscription
$199 per month till cancelled

What you get with your subscription

Access to thousands of ads collected every day

Export Statistics and Publishers

Ability to download landing pages with one click

Access to our Live Support

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